Allergy Relief Miracles

Several of us at the office and some of our patients have seen miracles with our allergy system. My own story is dramatic. I was severely allergic to tree pollen, cats, ragweed, melons, pineapple, and banana. I lived in air conditioning- afraid to open windows; avoided cats like the plague and could no longer enjoy some of [...]

How to Solve Your Allergy Issues

Our solution for allergies is simple and complicated. Our cold laser system is simple because we assess the problem and then correct the cause. It's complicated because it's all about quantum physics! This system assesses you for over 200,000 different allergens using the molecular vibration of the different molecules. For instance, it appraises you for over 5,000 [...]


Tis the Season for Allergies!

Tis the season for yes... allergies. So what are allergies anyway? Why does your body torture you this way? Allergies are the body’s overreaction to an innocent substance. The body sees the substance as a danger and responds like it is being attacked. The mucus production helps flush out the pollen, dust mites, mold. The itching, hives, [...]


Get Extraordinary Results with our Cold Laser Therapy

What’s with all the goofy stuff in our reception area?? MARVIN THE MARTIAN™ Ready With Laser - ©Looney Tunes We've got a light show, Marvin the Martian, aliens holding lightsabers... No, it’s not for Halloween. It's to direct attention to our amazing Cold Laser system, which is our focus this month. What is a cold laser [...]

Are Allergies Making You Miserable?

Well it is allergy season again and some folks are miserable. Are you miserable? I used to be. Spring tree pollen, fall ragweed, cats, melon, pineapple, and bananas all tortured me. I couldn’t go outside, eat watermelon in the summer or visit friends with cats. My eyes would itch, burn and water; my nose would run and [...]

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