Vitamin of the Month: A Powerful, Natural Pain Reliever

This time of year we are getting back to strenuous physical activities with the warmer weather. Many people tend to work until it hurts, which is why our vitamin of the month is Salizain, an all-natural pain reliever that can eliminate minor discomforts and allow the healing process to progress. Just one tablet provides 240 mg of [...]

Get Chiropractic Care BEFORE You Do Yard Work!

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year for chiropractors and massage therapists here at WOW. The reason is pretty obvious. People have been indoors all winter here in Ohio. Not only are we anxious to get outside and enjoy the spring air, flowers, and blue sky, we also love to start cleaning up our [...]

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Chiropractic Care for Infants and Children

Last month we talked about older adults and chiropractic care but often patients are shocked to see so many infants and children in our office. We have cared for children from 3 hours old (yes, 3 hours old), to age 18. For infants one trauma most people don’t think about in our culture is the stress on [...]

Chiropractic Care for Overall Health (Including Incontinence!)

Often when you think about chiropractic care for an older adult it is for back or neck pain but often chiropractic can help other conditions as well. One of my favorite examples of this is a new patient named Marie. She had come in for shoulder issues but one morning came in and said “Hey Doc, guess [...]

A Miracle for a Patient in His Late 70’s

A Chiropractic Miracle? In the last blog, we talked about one of my favorite patients who had been under a lifetime of chiropractic care and lifestyle. She lived a long, healthy life. But sometimes patients don’t experience chiropractic care until later. Even patients who haven’t had chiropractic care until their 70’s or 80’s can benefit! Jim, age [...]

What Age Should You Begin Chiropractic?

A patient asked me yesterday if it was too late for chiropractic to help her 90-year-old father. I told her no! We have many patients in their 80’s and 90’s who respond excellently to chiropractic care. I told her our office has seen babies as young as three hours old to people over 100 years. She was [...]

The First Chiropractic Miracle

Did you know the first chiropractic adjustment wasn’t for back or neck pain but for deafness? I know, it sounds too strange to be true, as we all think of chiropractors as doctors who relieve us of back pain. There is so much more to it. The spine holds every nerve center in your body. Any misalignment [...]

Do You or Your Kids Have Horns?

Not to scare you but, new studies coming out are showing calcifications at the base of the skull in children and teens. How can this happen? According to a study cited by Scientific Reports, hunching over a phone  sends a signal to the body that it needs to adapt and the body's response is bone spurs. The [...]

Welcome our New Chiropractor, Dr. Patrick Hughes

As many of you have seen our Facebook page, my nephew, Patrick Hughes graduated from chiropractic school last weekend and I got to walk him across the stage. It was so exciting and, even more exciting, he joined our practice on April 1st (no joke)!! We had another one of our patients who graduated with him and [...]

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