Relieve Pain with Biofreeze

Our Product of the Month: Biofreeze Pain Relief Roll-On We love the #1 clinically recommended Biofreeze for pain relief. Biofreeze is a colorless roll-on, fast-acting, long-lasting, and powerful topical pain reliever. Biofreeze provides fast-acting, long-lasting relief for joint pain and muscle soreness. It is an analgesic that relieves pain through a menthol-induced cooling process. Unlike medications [...]

Chiropractic Care for Overall Health (Including Incontinence!)

Often when you think about chiropractic care for an older adult it is for back or neck pain but often chiropractic can help other conditions as well. One of my favorite examples of this is a new patient named Marie. She had come in for shoulder issues but one morning came in and said “Hey Doc, guess [...]

A Miracle for a Patient in His Late 70’s

A Chiropractic Miracle? In the last blog, we talked about one of my favorite patients who had been under a lifetime of chiropractic care and lifestyle. She lived a long, healthy life. But sometimes patients don’t experience chiropractic care until later. Even patients who haven’t had chiropractic care until their 70’s or 80’s can benefit! Jim, age [...]

CBD Oil Success Stories

So what have our patients found using our CBD oil? Here are a few of our patient's examples: Sue was bone on bone in her right knee and was told a knee replacement was her only solution. However, for a number of reasons, she could not take 6 weeks off from her life for the surgery. She [...]

The Health Benefits of CBD Oil

Many of you have been asking us about the benefits of CBD oil. CBD oil has been in all the press and there are hundreds of products on the market today and we have been considering it and researching it for a while. We are super cautious about adding new products to offer to our patients. As [...]

FSM Technology Helps with Parkinsons and Other Chronic Conditions

One of our favorite patients has a number of chronic illnesses. Chiropractic has helped him decrease his meds and maintain his active lifestyle. One of the conditions most troubling is his Parkinsons. I had him in mind when we went for the training on our new FSM technology which I wrote about in the past 2 blog [...]

FSM Technology to Reduce Pain and Improve Overall Health

As many of you know, I am much more of a people person than a machine person and have drug my feet on technology. The fact that I am writing this blog is a miracle. However, if technology is going to help with patient progress I am willing to move on it. I am in an international [...]

Our Cold Laser System Can Heal Chronic Pain

After spraining or injuring your knee or wrist or shoulder, usually, the injury heals uneventfully. But occasionally the pain can become nagging and chronic. That means something is still unhealed. If the underlying problem is not corrected, more serious issues can occur. Let’s find out the cause. The joint may be slightly out our alignment and we [...]

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