The Good and Bad Advice for COVID19

The news about COVID19 is non-stop. We are listening to and watching TV and getting lots of advice from lots of people. And, some of the advice we are receiving is great and some of it is terrible. It makes sense to wash our hands, (but hasn’t that always made sense)? It makes sense is to wash [...]

2018 New Year Goals – Corporate Lunch and Learns

Here at WOW we always set goals for the new year. We set goals for the practice and we set them with our families. Some of those are health goals. The most common are weight loss, increase exercise, decrease stress, improve sleep and quit smoking. For the last 15 years, we have done workplace wellness workshops. Columbus [...]

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The Truth About Wellness

“Wellness” – there’s a word thrown around by everybody from pharmaceutical companies to hospitals to insurance companies to drug stores. Well… most of those entities’ profits depend on you getting sick and staying sick. I contend they know nothing about real wellness. Their business is to let you get sick, detect the illness early (which is usually [...]

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