3 Tips to Help Eliminate Injury While Gardening

Do you think that the gardens this year will be the most beautiful we have ever seen? Absolutely!! Many more people are out working in their yards this spring, and that is such a great thing! Working outside is one of the healthiest things you can do. But, it can make many of us sore, or worse, [...]

Be Safe With Your Summer Activities

Summer is arriving momentarily and many of you are increasing your activities. We have all been cooped up for way too long and are excited about golf and kayaking and hiking and cycling and softball and tennis and running and all the other outdoor activities we love to enjoy! Just like everything all sports have their benefits [...]

The Biggest Physical Stress in America

What is our biggest physical stress? Is it lifting, yard work, carrying kids, mowing the lawn? Actually, our biggest stress is not moving at all. You’ve heard the phrase “Sitting is the new smoking”? Not moving for 8-12 hours/day may be worse than smoking a pack of cigarettes.  We help make it easy to get moving! How [...]

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