Bloom into a Better You this Spring!

Our Supplement for the month of April is Probiotics Probiotics are one of the most important supplements that we sell here at WOW. Why and what are they? Probiotics are a mixture of bacteria that helps to keep the environment in a patient's stomach healthy. The body is constantly trying to balance out the good and bad [...]

Chiropractic Care for Overall Health (Including Incontinence!)

Often when you think about chiropractic care for an older adult it is for back or neck pain but often chiropractic can help other conditions as well. One of my favorite examples of this is a new patient named Marie. She had come in for shoulder issues but one morning came in and said “Hey Doc, guess [...]

What a Year 2020 Has Been So Far

2020 has certainly had a memorable first half. As many of you know my in-laws were in a car accident in January and my mother-in-law was killed. The accident worsened my father-in-law's dementia and we had to place him in a memory unit. Then the virus and quarantine landed in our laps. Then two weeks ago my [...]

3 Tips to Help Eliminate Injury While Gardening

Do you think that the gardens this year will be the most beautiful we have ever seen? Absolutely!! Many more people are out working in their yards this spring, and that is such a great thing! Working outside is one of the healthiest things you can do. But, it can make many of us sore, or worse, [...]

The Benefits of Being Outside are Tremendous!

When I was in sixth grade, my father’s company did interest, aptitude and IQ testing for all of the employees children. My test showed that I had three separate interests: Physician, Social Work and Forest Ranger. Well, I have done 2 out of the three and frequently tease my husband that Forest Ranger is next. I love [...]

Form Some Good Habits this Fall!

As the school year gets started, we want to help you form some good habits. Our summer schedules kept most of us active: swimming, biking, hiking but we are now heading into darker, cooler weather. Hopefully, you were going to the farmer’s market or in our own garden so our diet had lots of fruits and vegetables. [...]

Simply Living and Free Adjustments!

Every July Worthington Optimal Wellness selects a charity to support during our patient appreciation day. In the past, we have contributed to veteran’s organizations, pet rescues, the Red Cross and last year, Local Matters. This year we chose an organization that reflects our mission to create a healthier, happier world: Simply Living. Simply Living's vision is to [...]

Free Services to Support Local Matters on August 6th 2016

Today’s paper had two articles on community gardens in urban areas. Their goal is to involve the neighborhoods to grow healthy food for little cost and create a sense of community. What a fabulous idea! Local Matters has a project incorporates wellness, prevention of serious health issues, raises self-esteem and creates a safer, healthier environment. This is a [...]

Have You Heard the Latest on Fish Oil?

A recent study says fish oil "causes prostate cancer." I find this a ridiculous statement. What will they conjure up next? Maybe that organic vegetables cause pimples? Dozens of previous studies have shown fish oil decreased risk of prostate cancer and this “thing” wasn’t even a randomized, controlled study. The men in the “study” hadn’t been taking fish oil but [...]