Our Favorite MultiVitamins

This month our vitamin of the month is Aved-Multi® by Anabolic Laboratories. We are giving 10% off Aved-Multi® to all of our patients this month. Aved-Multi® are convenient multivitamin and multimineral supplements that work to maintain general health in several ways. Research now shows that approximately 92% of Americans are lacking at least one or more key [...]

The Benefits of Vitamin D

Have you heard all the talk of Vitamin D lately? There have been all kinds of information out lately about Vitamin D. Vitamin D is viewed as one of the most important vitamins needed for the day-to-day function of our bodies. Our bodies form this essential vitamin when exposed to the sun. We then use it to [...]

Form Some Good Habits this Fall!

As the school year gets started, we want to help you form some good habits. Our summer schedules kept most of us active: swimming, biking, hiking but we are now heading into darker, cooler weather. Hopefully, you were going to the farmer’s market or in our own garden so our diet had lots of fruits and vegetables. [...]

Simply Living and Free Adjustments!

Every July Worthington Optimal Wellness selects a charity to support during our patient appreciation day. In the past, we have contributed to veteran’s organizations, pet rescues, the Red Cross and last year, Local Matters. This year we chose an organization that reflects our mission to create a healthier, happier world: Simply Living. Simply Living's vision is to [...]

5 Guidlines For Back-To-School Nutrition For Peak Learning

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that kids will learn better in school if they have proper nutrition. But what does that mean, and how can we support our children in developing a diet that helps them to perform at their best? You’ve probably heard it said that food is both our best medicine and [...]

Free Services to Support Local Matters on August 6th 2016

Today’s paper had two articles on community gardens in urban areas. Their goal is to involve the neighborhoods to grow healthy food for little cost and create a sense of community. What a fabulous idea! Local Matters has a project incorporates wellness, prevention of serious health issues, raises self-esteem and creates a safer, healthier environment. This is a [...]

Have You Heard the Latest on Fish Oil?

A recent study says fish oil "causes prostate cancer." I find this a ridiculous statement. What will they conjure up next? Maybe that organic vegetables cause pimples? Dozens of previous studies have shown fish oil decreased risk of prostate cancer and this “thing” wasn’t even a randomized, controlled study. The men in the “study” hadn’t been taking fish oil but [...]

Genetically Modified (or Engineered) Foods – GMOs

Saturday evening I went to a fun event sponsored by the Slow Food Group which promotes local, organic food cooked slowly and eaten joyfully. At the event, I met many organic farmers who are desperately concerned about GMOs. They realize that this practice may forever ruin our food supply. So what are GMOs? A genetically engineered food [...]

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