Posture, Posture, Posture!

Our focus this month is on posture. Why is posture so important? (So many reasons...) You are able to breath easier and deeper. Think about the last checkup you had, where the doctor asked you to sit up straight and breath deep to listen to your lungs! She can't do that if you're hunched over.  Good posture [...]

Scoliosis Testing in School

Has the school nurse done a scoliosis check on the kids recently? If they find a problem, they will refer you to an orthopedist for x-rays If the doctor finds a curvature in the spine (called scoliosis), they will measure the angles and if it is under 40 degrees, you will be told to wait until it [...]

Kids’ Posture Problems Caused by Technology (and Adults!)

Have you looked at your kids' posture (or your spouse, friends, co-workers) lately? My guess is they are hunching forward. I never used to see that forward head posture in children or young adults. Now every child or teenager we see has that posture, yikes!! So why is that? Look at their devices. Look at how they [...]

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