In many other industrialized countries, there is no “organic” designation for food, because all of their food is organic.

In other countries, any chemical put in the air, water, or food must be proven safe. In our country, we must prove it is harmful. Those are very different.

Most of the chemicals in our food and water are harmful, but proving the harm is difficult.

Look at the problems showing up with “Round-Up”. Its toxicity has been known for years but proving it takes time.

So what should we do?

Buy meat, dairy, and chicken without chemicals, hormones, and antibiotics.

A patient was in one day and his 8-year-old daughter was developing breasts. He was completely stunned.

The average age of the beginning signs of puberty used to be around 14-15 years of age, but it has been going down in the last 30 years and it is now between ages 8 and 9. Since it is widely viewed that this change is a result of the increase in chemicals and hormones in our food,  I suggested he buy only organic meat and dairy. Within 6 months, she had stopped breast development and eventually began her period at age 13.

Chemicals in food and water can cause increases in cancer, obesity, Type II diabetes, and many other conditions. 

Another patient was having severe digestive problems and was taking several medications. He and his wife were becoming extremely concerned. He began our nutritional cleanse system and all his symptoms vanished. He was able to get off all his medications.

If you are interested in what fruits and vegetables to buy “organically” and what to buy conventionally, we have a handy card you can take to the grocery store with that information on it.

However, no matter how “clean” we eat, we cannot avoid all chemicals, but we can make the effort and it becomes easy as you will enjoy the benefits of feeling great.

The bottom line is to eat as healthy as possible and you will live a happier, longer life.

Dr. Shannon, Dr. Harris, and Dr. Hughes.

And our amazing staff, and practitioners.

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