We get asked all the time by our patients what vitamins they should take.

As you probably guessed, chiropractors are generally healthy folks. We take care of ourselves, eat well, exercise, and take vitamins.

Finding the right vitamins can be so confusing. So, we have been carrying what we consider the very best for our patients. Now it’s even more critical that you keep your body in shape and keep your immune system intact. We are finally seeing the end of the tunnel but COVID is not going away, we’re just becoming immune to it!

This month we are featuring the ESSENTIAL NUTRITION PACK and giving 10% off to all of our patients.


This pack contains 30 sealed pouches with the essential vitamins you need.

Conveniently packaged for those on the go, each daily nutrition pack contains a multivitamin and mineral complex, vitamin D3 as cholecalciferol, omega-3 essential fatty acids and magnesium chelate capsules. This formula provides antioxidant protection and supports key biochemical processes, reduced inflammation, cellular energy production, and overall health.

As we’ve written about often, your health is your #1 weapon against catching any virus. Keeping your immune system healthy is so important. We recommend you eat well, exercise, stay away from screens as much as possible, sleep well, and get adjusted.

Spring is on the way! Improve your health so you’re able to enjoy the outdoors as it gets warmer.

Get adjusted BEFORE you do your yard work! And save 10% on this powerful pack of vitamins.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Shannan, Dr. Harris, and Dr. Hughes

Our amazing staff, and all of our practitioners.




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