Our Corporate Wellness Program provides your employees with lifestyle strategies that empower them to turn negative stress into positive energy.

We look forward to working with you and your employees to reach your company’s full health potential. Worthington Optimal Wellness knows that offering your employees wellness options will impact your bottom line and increase your company morale. Click here for Corporate Wellness Testimonials.

Corporate Services Offered

  • Lunch and Learn Series
  • Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Wellness Day/Health Fair Planning and Implementation
  • Employee Stress/Wellness Screenings

Worthington Optimal WELLNESS Presentations

To download the following list of presentations click on this link: Download a PDF of the programs by clicking here. (PDF)

If you’re interested in any of these programs, contact Carol Grimm at (614) 848-5211.

Don’t Let Stress Make Your Life a Mess

When you experience stress, your body’s natural response increases the release of toxic chemicals.  Your body’s systems begin working overtime and if chronic stress persists, then your body has no chance to recover.  Learn proven strategies to reduce stress.

Healthy Eating on the Go

In this crazy world of constant motion: dance class, soccer games, band practice, and, oh yeah, what about dinner?  We simplify meal and snack preparation and at the same time make it healthy. 

This workshop also explains the proper methods of combining appropriate food groups for optimum digestion, maximum energy and if sensibly applied, weight loss for those that need to shed some extra pounds.  Learn the secrets to fueling your immune system and eating to decrease your risk of cancer! 

Want More Energy?

Tired of being tired? Are you falling asleep at your desk? Too tired to do the fun things you would like to do? Just want to crawl on the couch and watch TV? There are many reasons for fatigue. Come find out what is sapping your energy and what you can do about it.

Is Sitting is the New Smoking?

Does sitting increase your risk for heart disease, obesity, dementia, cancer, or joint and muscle problems? Learn some simple solutions to help you live your life to the fullest….and healthiest.

Are You “Full of it”?  Nutritional Cleansing Explained

What is cleansing? Is it healthy? And is it necessary?  Join us to find the answers and a script for a balanced and complete recipe to fit your needs.

Answers for Arthritis

Arthritis strikes millions of people, young and old.  What exactly is arthritis and what can be done to help with this nagging, and sometimes debilitating, condition?

Headaches:  A Real Pain in the Neck

It is not all in your head, and drugs are not always the answer.  Different kinds of headaches come from different sources, so learning how to find the cause can help you know how to prevent them.

How Staying Healthy Can Make You Rich

Did you ever wonder what habits you need to change in order to stay or get healthy? With healthcare costs skyrocketing, are you aware of the costs associated with living an unhealthy lifestyle? Money plays a definite role in health!  We will discuss this impact while covering topics such as chiropractic, traditional medicine, diet and weight loss, energy, exercise and so much more!

Sleepless in Columbus

Inadequate sleep is responsible for a number of health issues.  Find out what amount of sleep is right for you and what to do when you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep in this program that promises not to put you to sleep!

Take It To Heart

Find out what 40% of the men and 60% of the women who have had deadly heart attacks did not know. Is low cholesterol really the answer?  Do you know the 7 risk factors for heart disease?  Are you destined to suffer from the same health problems as your parents?  Our discussion will enable you to make dramatic changes in your cardiovascular health and bring you the most current exercise, nutrition, and supplement information to positively impact you and your heart.

A Healthy Lifestyle is a Balancing Act

Come find out how to stay on the beam!  We all want health, happiness, and peak productivity, and in this program, we will explore ways you can empower yourself to achieve it!

Spring Cleaning: Your House and You

Let us discuss how you can take your health to the next level!   Included is information about nutrition, exercise, chiropractic, and important healthy habits to boost your health potential.  You will learn small as well as big steps to take in order to clean out the bad and welcome the good!

Stay Fit While You Sit

If you sit on the job, you are putting a tremendous amount of strain on your body.  Increase your productivity by minimizing the stress created by poor posture and by creating an “ergonomically correct” workstation that properly utilizes your workspace.

We will also address the issues for those of you who sit in your cars for a good part of the day.

Innovative Solutions to Back Pain

Back pain is the #1 reason for doctor visits in the U.S. Back pain affects all facets of our lives.  Learn proper lifting techniques, sleeping positions, posture, and much more for a healthy back. Includes ergonomics for workplace and home.

New Answers for Allergies

Do you wonder what is behind those watery eyes and your running nose?  Come find out what allergies REALLY are and ways to cope with them – and even alleviate them all together, naturally.

Progressive Exercise: More Gain Less Pain

Ever wonder whether you are doing the best exercise for yourself?  This presentation will cover different exercise techniques along with new and improved warm-ups and programs to aid with muscle soreness and injury.  Whether you have been going to the gym for years or you are just starting, these tips will change your workout!

The Keys to Massage Therapy

Find out why massages are not just “feel good” routines, but actually add to your overall health. Our licensed Massage Therapist will explain the basics and treat you to a chair massage as well!

Improve Your Brain Function

Want to reduce the number of “senior moments” in your day? We will look at how what you eat, what you think about, as well as how much you move, affect your brain function. We will also provide instruction in easy meditation techniques.

If you are interested in any of these programs, contact Carol Grimm at (614) 848-5211.

Download a PDF of the topics by clicking here. (PDF)