What a Year 2020 Has Been So Far

2020 has certainly had a memorable first half. As many of you know my in-laws were in a car accident in January and my mother-in-law was killed. The accident worsened my father-in-law's dementia and we had to place him in a memory unit. Then the virus and quarantine landed in our laps. Then two weeks ago my [...]

Coronavirus Stress is as Difficult as 9-11

Do You Remember 9-11? 9-11 was a terrible time in America's history. It was unthinkable what happened that day, and it created a ripple effect of fear, grief, and anxiety within the entire country for a very long time. Today, we are experiencing the same kind of stress with the Corona Virus. Fear of the unknown. Fear [...]

Avoid the Setbacks of Chemical Stress this Holiday

The third stress to manage this holiday season is chemical stress. What’s the biggest offender? SUGAR of course. You may have heard me talk about how sugar is more addictive than cocaine; it lights up more pleasure centers in the brain. Some of us jump on the sugar train at Halloween and ride it to the Super [...]

Emotional Stress – Ouch!

Now for the hardest holiday stress: EMOTIONAL No matter how fun the holidays are or how wonderful your family is; it is hard to live up to the hype. Every family has issues and the holidays seem to magnify them. Some of the symptoms of emotional stress are (according to Helpguide: Your Trusted Guide to Mental Health [...]

Take Care of Stress This Holiday Season!

The holiday season is upon us! Have you noticed that half your office is sick? Well, that’s because the holidays encompass all 3 types of stress: 1. Physical 2. Emotional 3. Chemical Stress zaps the immune system which makes you more vulnerable to infection. One easy action to boost your immune system is to come in for [...]

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