CBD Oil Success Stories

So what have our patients found using our CBD oil? Here are a few of our patient's examples: Sue was bone on bone in her right knee and was told a knee replacement was her only solution. However, for a number of reasons, she could not take 6 weeks off from her life for the surgery. She [...]

Do you Wake Up and Have Trouble Going Back to Sleep?

Continuing our focus on sleep. Are you waking up and not falling back to sleep? This is a more complicated problem, as there are lots of things that could be causing this. Here are the main 3 culprits we've seen. #1. The mental or emotional stress which we discussed last week. Chiropractic care and massage will do [...]


Do You Sleep Well?

Our focus this month is on sleep. There are three different types of people with sleep problems. 1. People who can’t fall asleep. 2. People who wake frequently. 3. People who sleep through the night but are still tired. Sleep is so essential that we need to focus the whole month on this one issue. Without adequate [...]


How Did You Sleep Last Night?

Last night, did you fall asleep immediately, sleep deeply, and then wake up refreshed and ready for the day? Possibly not; poor sleep, feeling tired and foggy is a common complaint. Even though we often joke about being tired or proud of how little sleep we get, lack of sleep is a serious health issue. Lack of [...]

Are You Tired of Being Tired?

Are you too tired to exercise, play with the kids, go out on Friday night?  Is the constant fatigue taking the joy out of your life? You are not alone. Fatigue or lack of energy is the #1 complaint heard in doctors’ offices. So what is the answer? Drink more coffee, go hard core with Red Bull [...]

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